Tracy Clinkenbeard Jr., Inc.                            Asphalt, Parking Lot, and Airport Marking & Maintenance
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By maintaining your asphalt pavement surfaces, you effectively help double their life span. A small investment now can save you thousands of dollars over time. Tracy Clinkenbeard Jr. Inc. offers asphalt maintence services to the following:


Asphalt Sealing

Asphalt pavement, if left unsealed, will oxidize (turn grey) and dry out (become weak and brittle) from exposure to weather, traffic, and petro-chemicals and ultimately fail. The result is not only a cosmetic concern, but one of a shortened life span of the pavement. Sealing preserves the investment and improves the appearance. We are equiped for hand wand spray application for small or tight areas or truck-mounted 10'-12' boom spray application for larger jobs.

Hot Pour Rubberized Crack Sealing

Diesel Crack Seal Equip: Fast and efficient.

Crack Routers: Cracks in asphalt or concrete can form in pavement that is in otherwise good condition. Cracks are formed by movement of the asphalt. A common cause is temperature variation which causes expantion and contraction. Once the crack forms, it will only grow bigger, exposing the base to damage. If not sealed, the crack will result in failure of the pavement surface. Crack routing creates a reservoir of material that can handle expansion and contraction of the crack. Crack routing can prove to be a more efficient application, because the crack sealer goes in the crack in a volume that allows the crack sealer to work. This also reduces or eliminates the need for extra applications due to material settling and the resulting wasted material outside the crack that comes with a overbanding method.  Over banding (the excess material along side the crack) can have an adverse effect on following surface treatments (such as overlay) with adhesion and rippling. Construction conditions vary and sometime may not allow crack routing, but when possible, it has proven to us to be the best method. The result of crack routing is a properly sealed crack that is much neater in its appearance and the repair will last longer.

Striping & Marking
Using our airless equipment, we can provide clean, consistent parking lot, runway, and taxiway markings to parking lots and airports of any size. This spray technology allows for quick and effective application that meets the highest industry specifications.

Other Services

 > Parking blocks
 > Signage
 > Graphics


We also complete a wide variety of small road and street marking projects.  Clarity, accuracy and durability are the essential elements in our marking operations.  We never lose sight of the fact that we are not only contributing to a more efficient transportation system for the community, but that we are also making a contribution to the safety of road users, both private and commercial.  The effectiveness of our roads markings, therefore, is not only a matter of professional pride but also a matter of conscience in respect of the road-user environment. 

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